Testing The Master’s Love

The story I am going to narrate happened on 31 Oct 2013. I was going home after ten months, from Bangalore. More importantly, it was a surprise for my parents, as I had told them that I would be home on 02 Nov 2013, for Diwali. My flight was at 15.45 hrs and the boarding pass was to be issued till 15.00 hrs only. To maintain punctuality, many airlines don’t issue the boarding pass if a passenger is late.

I stay about 28 km from Bangalore airport. A friend of mine who stays nearby, said that it would take me around 30 minutes to reach the airport by bus. So, I set out from my home at 13.30 hrs. I was in the bus by 14.05 hrs. When one of the passengers asked about the time it would take to reach the airport, the conductor said that it would take at least 50 minutes. On hearing this, I was shocked because that meant I would reach the airport at 15.00 hrs, and stood a chance to miss the flight.

I have read many Guru stories on this website, and so I thought of trying out my own faith this time. This was going to be like a test of my faith in the Master. So I prayed to Guruji telling Him that I wanted to catch the flight, I don’t know how I would, but I really wanted to go home and surprise my parents, rather than me getting surprised by missing the flight. Then I was just looking outside the window, killing time, when I got a phone call from the airline. I thought it would be to remind me about the flight. But to my surprise, it was not so. The automated message was something like this, “Dear passenger your flight ***** has been rescheduled to 1620 hrs. We regret the inconvenience caused.”

Oh My God! What just happened. I knew prayers get answered, but this fast! I couldn’t have asked for more at that time. I was just so happy with this lovely miracle that I had experienced. The 35 minute delay was perfect for me. It meant that I could collect the boarding pass till 15.35 hrs. I reached the airport by 14.50 hrs, got the boarding pass, and went for security check. As there were many passengers at the airport, the entire process took time, and by the time I was done with the security check, boarding for my flight was announced. I was the second passenger who boarded the aircraft. The journey from missing the flight to being the second person boarding the aircraft was just unbelievable. I couldn’t thank Guru’s Grace enough for this.
In the aircraft, the pilot said that the 35 minute delay was because the aircraft came in late from Mumbai. Guruji knew that I would be late and planned everything accordingly. This experience reaffirmed my faith that whatever happens, happens for good!

Jai Guru Dev



  • Archana
    7 years ago

    Amazing…..He walks with us on each n evry step.

  • namrata
    7 years ago

    wow! jgd!

  • Satyam
    7 years ago

    Rest assure,,Someone is taking care of His children all the time,Someone is far much bigger than our problems & issues, Someone always has the best plan for us…and that is our Divine Master. 🙂
    Jai Gurudev 🙂

  • Rupam
    7 years ago

    simply dnt have words to express anything… He is simply awesome …..

  • Puneet
    7 years ago

    love U guruji

  • priyanka
    7 years ago

    Guruji is great…….he takes care of all of us….jai gurudev

  • prathmesh
    7 years ago


  • Karthik
    7 years ago

    when life itself is a miracle, where do these instances stand?

  • Mandeep Singh
    7 years ago

    We all love u Guruji

  • neha
    7 years ago

    Guruji be with me always even if I do any mistake.

  • Harshita srivastava
    7 years ago

    Luv u guruji

  • Uma
    7 years ago

    It has happened number of times! Whenever some important thing goes missing and I just surrender and say jaigurudev, Lo it just appears right in front of me! How it happens at such mundane level is just beyond my comprehension! Jai Gurudev!

  • binu sankar
    7 years ago

    how much u believe u will get that much result

  • subramanaim
    7 years ago

    I am the unlucky..Guru Dev has left me very much alone. .I am just waiting for his grace to shower on me..but till date unheared…donno…when…any ways..JGD..

    • Megha
      7 years ago

      Gurudev is with everyone. Just close your eyes and you will find his grace pouring in. Never worry that he will leave you alone. A mother never leaves her child alone.

  • joshi hindkishor
    7 years ago

    great gurudev ko shat shat naman

    7 years ago

    Guru Ji……Guru Ji……Guru Ji……:):):)

  • indira Mukherjee
    7 years ago

    GURU Loves FUN 🙂

  • 7 years ago

    As per my personal experience , Gurudev’s blessing comes in immediately all we need to do is to create the ” PATRATA ”

  • jessy
    7 years ago

    Guruji be with me always………………

    i love you guruji……………………

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