He Would Never Let Me Fall

It was the year 2017. I was supposed to travel to Jalgaon and Chopada districts in Maharashtra to teach the first ever Spine Care Course conducted in that region. I was going to travel 8 hours by bus from Pune to Jalgaon, teach a morning batch, travel an hour by car to Chopada, teach the evening batch and then return back to Jalgaon on the same night so I could continue this cycle again. The 4 day course was fully subscribed and there were also many doctors who had signed up. I was elated at the prospect of teaching a houseful course!

However, as fate would have it, just a week before my travel to Jalgaon, I slipped and fell while going down the staircase, hurting my lower back. Fortunately, my head was saved. As the pain did not subside even after two days, I visited an orthopaedic and the X-ray revealed that I had fractured my tail bone. The tail bone takes a really long time to heal. My doctor strictly advised me to avoid any travel and also to limit bodily movements.

I just couldn’t fathom cancelling the houseful course where so many doctors had registered for the first ever Spine Care Course happening in these districts. I thought over, discussed with my husband, prayed to Gurudev and decided to travel and teach! Deep down in my heart, I had full faith that Gurudev would take care of me as He has always done.

Unbelievably, I could travel for 8 hours back and forth from Pune, taught the 2 hour course morning and evening with the 1 hour travel and demonstrated all the exercises myself. I had completely forgotten about my fracture. To my surprise, there was absolutely no pain. Moreover I took the pain killer just for 1 day and then did not even take them. On the final day of the course, with tears of gratitude, I shared my beautiful experience with everyone.

For a doctor’s scientific mindset, this is indeed hard to believe, but in my heart I knew who was on duty all throughout seeing me through this challenge.

Whenever I have decided to make a difference and jump, He will always catch me and never let me fall.

Gurudev, thank-you so much for everything!! I Love You so much and bow down to You in gratitude..

-Trusha Manaktala.



  • Thanks for everything I have.

  • Satyam
    5 hours ago

    The Gurutattva is amazing. Words are not enough to praise His wonders.
    Thank You Guruji on behalf everyone.
    JGD 🙂

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