He Might Delay But He Delivers- ALL THE TIME

Life has been nothing less than splendid after the Master came into my life. He has been there in mind and spirit even when the whole world has been against me. This incident happened in 2011. At that time I had just moved to a new building in Bombay along with my parents.

From the very beginning, I did not feel good vibrations from that apartment. There was this particular watchman who was a thug and always used to pass lewd gestures at me and other women. Even after repeatedly admonishing him he would threaten me back saying that he did not do anything wrong. He used to drink also during working hours but nobody paid heed.

I complained to my parents many a times but they just asked me to ignore him. But that man did not stop with his indecent activities. One day while I came back from a Satsang he passed a lewd gesture and I was livid. I fought with him and came back home and told my parents. I was reduced to tears when my parents started shouting at me saying that I should not mess with such thugs.

They put the blame on me saying that I had lost my mind and my mother also beat me up that night. I was devastated and called up my friend but he too was unable to help me since he was out of station. Feeling completely helpless, I just prayed to Guruji to please help me. After that I don’t know from where I got immense strength to walk past that same man with conviction and confidence that nothing will ever happen to me and that I am protected.

I was very disappointed with my parents but still did not fight with them. After a few days a miracle happened. That same watchman was caught drinking on duty by some officials and fired from his job. Just like that. Who complained against him or how did the officials come to know about his misdeeds, nobody ever knew. He was never to be seen in that building ever.

I knew it was my Guru who took care of me. After he was fired, many people came to know about his wrong doings and were glad that he was gone. I told my parents that it is all because of Guruji that this happened, they just looked away in an ashamed manner. This made me believe that in this country where women are raped every hour and are denied any form of respect, it is the Guru who saves you.

He will take care of you no matter what. Just have faith in Him. He might delay but He delivers, ALL THE TIME.





  • 9 years ago

    Thank You guruji… love u Thanks

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  • Gopika Radhakrishnan
    9 years ago

    lovely story just like your lovely name Aratrika! May you be protected and be fearless thanks to your faith in Guruji!


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