Gurudev’s Blessings Helped Me Ace the Toughest Exam of My Career

I did my first Art of Living course in 2010. I want to share a story that shook me from inside and instilled my faith in Gurudev.

I am currently pursuing a Masters Degree at a reputed university in United States. During my previous semester, I had taken a course under a very challenging professor. He was a scholar and expected his students to perform at par with him. I soon started to regret taking his course. I was performing very badly in his assignments. Despite working hard consistently, I almost failed the first mid-term exam.

I was frightened at the possibility of failing the entire course as it was a mandatory requirement for graduation. Everyday, I prayed to Gurudev to help me clear this course. On the day of my final exam, I was terrified. My hands were trembling out of fear. My fellow classmates were equally tensed. I decided to completely surrender to Gurudev and wrote the exam.

After a few days, the exam results were declared. Out of the total 100 students in my class, 40 of them had failed. I was tense but looked up the results. To my sheer surprise, I found out that I had not only cleared the exam but also secured and excellent grade! I was totally dumbfounded & just could not believe it!

I simply sat at my place and did not know whether I should feel happy, or laugh, or cry, or act crazy. It was really momentous. I thank Gurudev and my YES!+ teachers who have been extremely supportive. From time to time, I realize Gurudev’s words- “Main tumhe Girne ka ehsaas zaroor karaunga, lekin girne nahi doonga” (I’ll make you feel as if you are falling, but will never allow you to fall).

We are all truly blessed to have a Living Master in our Life!

Jai Gurudev


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