Through the Master’s Eyes

Once Guruji was returning to the German Ashram from Caracas, Venezuela. However, due to unavailability of a direct flight to Frankfurt, he landed in Paris before going to the Ashram.

It was a surprise visit for all Parisians. It also happened to be Guruji’s birthday according to the Hindu calendar. So a surprise satsang with a cake was planned in the hotel where he was staying. At around 6 pm, about 150 people had gathered, who had about 1 hour notice to reach the venue. It was a beautiful, intimate satsang and birthday party. One of the volunteers asked Guruji, “How did this plan for Paris come up?”. It seemed like a very mundane question.

Here’s what Guruji said – “There are plans at many levels. There is a room plan, what colour to paint the walls, where to keep the flower vase? Then there is a house plan, street plan, city plan, country plan and so on at various levels of detail. The biggest plan is that we are all here at the same time, one in saudi arabia, one in Germany, one in Bangalore, but we are all here now. When and where we meet is the next level of planning. Often what we think is planned is not the real plan and what we don’t plan for, is the plan. Few months back, I went on an unplanned trip to Himachal Pradesh in India. I had gone to inaugurate a power plant and was supposed to return to Delhi by helicopter. Somehow, the helicopter had a problem, some valve was not ok. After trying three times to start it, the pilot said he did not want to take a risk anymore. So we decided to proceed by car. On the way, we stopped at a residence where there were close to 500 people waiting to meet me. There was an 80 year old lady in that house who shared that she really wanted to come and see me but could not because her health did not permit it. She was so grateful and happy that I came to her house. We then went to another house for lunch. There was a 3 year old child in that house who had been saying since 3 months back that Guruji is coming to our house in March. Nobody paid attention to her but I was there in that house on the 2nd of March. So, looks like perhaps this was the plan.”

At this point a lady in the satsang in Paris shared, “Guruji, Even I had a dream yesterday that I was sitting with you and sharing a meal”. Guruji had just given her a piece of cake to eat 



  • Biju Kanadan
    2 years ago

    Planed for serving d society… My remaining life… Blessings us… Gurudev

    • Ajay
      1 year ago

      Wow…really everything is planned..we are just here as Sakshi

  • Uma Sharma Sharma
    1 year ago

    You always stand by me gurudev. I can feel your presence. Always in gratitude

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