Guruji – Source of Strength

When I started the part 1 course, my main purpose was weight loss but I got much more than that. From my 1st day to the 6th day- I was washed every minute. My love and compassion for my Guru was so deep that I wanted to spread the awareness all around, so I immediately became a volunteer and started organizing courses for my teacher- Dinesh Bhojwani. Many miracles were seen in my day-to-day life as he made me realize his presence in every passing day. I use to talk to him every day, bothering him, kept asking him questions till I got the answer and I always did at its right time.

One of the miracles that shook me was when one of my friends wanted to take our friendship to the next level. I had lost all contact with him for nearly two years because of his wrong intentions- and I kept asking Guruji why now? Why again? As taught by Guruji people change, so I dint know had it or not for him. I told Guruji, take 15 days and please solve this for me- LET THE RIGHT THING HAPPEN FOR BOTH OF US. It was unbelievable how in EXACT 15 days the entire truth came in front and GURUJI saved me from having the wrong life partner.

My faith has always being with him even while mom was in the hospital. I was regular with my kriya. I lived in Jaslok hospital, Mumbai for 15 days only with her- I had not seen what was happening in the outside world. My mom’s journey to the hospital continued for 2 months. In between came GURU Poornima where I had decided to do my long kriya at Bandra Talao hall and only shout and shout and ask Guruji what is your plan for my mother and why are you troubling her by making her go through so much in the hospital. After I did my kriya that morning – I tried the hardest to remember what I had to talk to Guruji and I REMEMBERED NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL- I ONLY LOOKED AT HIS BIG PICTURE & SMILED AT HIM.

My mom’s journey ended at the hospital when she had to also end her time with all of us. She left me and my dad all alone on the 14th June 2010. I dint cry at all in front of my father because I had to support him like I did in our hospital journey. When I burst out at home – my friend played Vikram Hazra’s song Om Namah Shivaya Gurave-Russians Rock. Guruji showed me the visual of him coming and taking mom, holding her hand, both of them wearing white long gowns and my mom was very happy. I smiled and laughed to her and said goodbye.That was my first and till date visual glimpse of Guruji.

Listening to that song till today makes me cry and I she was with me right now. Life has changed a lot for me. I have not been so irregular with kriya since I started this beautiful journey, but I still believe Guruji has a big plan for me.

Jai Gurudev.

Bhavika Hinduja.



  • somnath thakur
    7 years ago

    JGD….such a amazing experience…i cant describe my feeling in words………..

  • Soma
    7 years ago

    Amazing,…No words to describe..jUst that You are blesseed…

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