My Healing Hero

The first miracle I experienced with Guruji was during my first Sudarshan Kriya in my Part 1 Course. I’d had an accident in 1998 where I had fractured two bones on my right knee. They had healed well but I had been told by the doctor to avoid sitting on the floor.But being a nursery school teacher I could not avoid sitting on the floor so I had started having a problem with my right leg.If I sat down I could not get up without support.When I joined the Part 1 Course in 2000,I was a bit apprehensive and was under the impression that I couldn’t meditate. But wonder of wonders after the first Sudarshan Kriya,I was out for almost 35-40 minutes. I was told that was Samadhi meditation.

After the Kriya, before I went into meditation,I felt a person’s leg touch mine. All the 45 people in that course were unknown to me. After meditation, as I opened my eyes, a young girl comes up to me and asks me if I have hurt my right knee as Guruji had asked her to heal it. I was shocked as no one there knew about my accident. Apparently this girl’s leg had touched mine after Kriya while lying down. She was form Delhi and had come for a visit to her parent’s home in Mumbai. I then realized I could get up and sit down easily without any support.

The second time He healed my leg was one and a half years later. I used to go for morning walks to the RaceCourse. The footpaths were dug up by the BMC.I had twisted my leg a little on the uneven path. A few days later I realized,I had started feeling tiredness when I stood for a while or while walking,and a burning sensation at the base of my right foot. I would also experience some excruciating pain on my right leg that I couldn’t move till the pain would subside. It was painful and horrible. I showed my leg to an Orthopedic and he prescribed a light(rays) treatment and physiotherapy with weights and also suggested an MRI. The MRI report said I had cartilage damage on my right leg for which I had to undergo an expensive treatment.

Before the treatment I decided to go to Bangalore for my first Navratri Advance course. I requested my Principal to give me leave for 12 days as I would only miss 4 working days in that fortnight as there were many bank holidays and 2 weekends. But despite requesting her I got leave for only 6 days and I was happy that I could at least do the advance course at the Ashram. In those days I did not know the importance of the last 4 days of Navratri. But the people on the train,which was mainly full of only Maharashtra participants of the advance course happening at the Ashram,told me that the last 4 days of Navratri are very important and powerful. And that people came from all over the world for just those 4 days. But as I had no other alternative I just shrugged it off. As we reached the Ashram,an Art of Living teacher told me for one last time to request my Principal to extend my leave for 5 more days. When I called my Principal, she told me to stay for as long as I wanted as she was managing my class. That by itself was a miracle as a person who was so adamant about not giving me leave had just turned around all of a sudden and told me to stay for as long as I wanted and I am quoting her exact words.

The next miracle took place on Ashtami,the 8th day of Navratri. I had worn a new pink salwar kameez. In those days the Yagnashala mandap had a bamboo structure. As I crossed over the bamboo,taking a short cut to my place in the mandap, my churidar tore exactly over my right knee. I was a liitle surprised as the cut was at an exact right angle,1 inch horizontal and 1 inch vertical on the right knee. Normally if a cloth gets torn on a bamboo,it can tear anyhow and can also have a few loose threads dangling but this cut was straight and no loose threads. A few minutes later when Guruji came into the mandap, he looked straight at where I was sitting,despite 20,000 people in the mandap. I was just blank as I was looking at him.A few hours after the pooja, as I got up and walked and later climbed up the stairs in the Ashram,I realized all my pain was gone. I was completely healed.


Rupa Doshi.



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