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I am a Businessman from Mumbai. I have always been a follower of AOL and Guruji. Now, the miracle which I am going to take you through happened when I wasn’t exactly an ardent devotee. This miracle caused a complete U – Turn in my life. Here is what happened….
A few years ago, I started experiencing some strange headaches. These headaches happened on a daily basis, and it was getting worse day by day. The pain was unbearable at times.
One day, I had to go to Bangalore for some official work. After completing the work, I went to consult a Doctor to get an MRI scan done. When I went to him with the reports, I got a shock of my life. The reports revealed an advanced stage of brain tumor. The Doctor said that nothing could be done about it, and that I should be prepared for the worst.
This bitter reality was the turning point in my life. A life which had been full of excitement, joy, money had now turned into sorrow and misery. I was then returning back to Mumbai, with immense worry in my mind. I was tensed about my family, and my business, that I took so long to create.

Now here comes the surprising part of the story…
In my return flight, just a few seats ahead, Guruji was seated. I did not know much about Him or Art of Living at that time. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, Guruji came and sat next to me! He asked me the cause of my worry. I told Him exactly what had happened. After hearing about my tragedy, He just told me, “DON’T WORRY”. But I was continuously thinking as to how could I not worry; after all such a major calamity had struck my life. My life could end anytime! But I dint forget His words.
Soon after coming back to Mumbai, I got the MRI scan done, yet again. But this time, I did not have any headache, which was indeed quite surprising, but wait, there is more in store!!!
When the Doctor scanned my reports this time, I got another shock of my life! I was absolutely fine. The reports were absolutely normal. Nothing was wrong.
Was this really true? Yes, it was! My life had taken a whole new, positive U-Turn.
I believe that it is only and only the Guru’s Grace that’s responsible for this dramatic change of fortune. I am whole-heartedly thankful to my Master for this:) I will never forget His words, the saving words!!!
I then soon did the AOL course, fell in love with the Sudarshan Kriya and became an ardent, life-long devotee.
Thank you Sri Sri
Jai Gurudev,

(Name witheld on request)



  • Satyam
    6 years ago

    Jai Gurudev…Blessed..Graced 🙂

  • Sathya Sai Kumari d
    6 years ago

    I ve done happiness and advance programs during May 2014 on the advice of Dr Yogeswar and using our Ayurvedic med for sugar , now with the Devine Blessings of GURUDEV my sugar levels have come down and I m fine with meditation learnt from Sri Sanjay shah ji T q A. o. l. Ashram B lore

  • beena
    6 years ago

    i am submitting a matter of misery happened to one of my student, who ,get paralised from hip to leg at midnight 6 months ago…not yet cannot found out a particular reason for it ,,,,he simply sufferying ….and hoping for a recovery…..i hope my guru can know all about it and save him from this sadness. praying for your grace,,,,gurujee,,,,pl save my child

  • Shobha pai
    6 years ago

    I believe this storey.I love guruji immencely,no words can explain.He is there n stands by my side all the time of need.I brought up like orphan though I had very good family,its my fate,and I always in search of Love,till I met guruji..after no looking back my life is full n dedicated my life to him,HE is my Divine LOVE

  • Sandesh Chhibbar
    10 months ago

    No doubt about it,our gurus grace is al ways with us.

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